David has participated in or co-founded tech companies in a variety of areas that impact our daily lives. From early digital audio work to the first commercial e-mail servers, online file transfer and storage, to now the Internet of Things, he thrives at the leading edge. He was also involved with the emergence of private spaceflight, as an early executive with the XPRIZE, which fostered the development of manned spacecraft by non-governmental organizations. He is a Trustee of the California Science Center Foundation, which was granted the last Space Shuttle, Endeavour, by NASA and will soon form the centerpiece of an Air & Space Center for the Western United States.

David's current startup, Terbine, is considered to be "the tip of the spear" in making it possible for devices, machines and systems to exchange IoT data seamlessly, in a distributed system that leverages AI, blockchain and 5G, and to monetize the data which hasn't been accomplished before at scale. www.terbine.com

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